Finance and Economic faculty

Research Activities

The Financial Markets Department carries out active scientific research work based on the fundamental scientific schools developed at the Finance Department. Its major tasks include: 

  • the scientific research on the basis of state contracts;
  • the joint research together with foreign education and research institutions;
  • the publications of monographs, scientific papers and brochures.

The research work results are published by the department members in the form of presentations at international and national scientific conferences, symposiums and meetings. Results of the research have a practical significance and are implemented in the national economy or used in the course of the educational process. The scientific papers of employees of the Financial Markets Department can be found in leading specialist publications of Ukraine: magazines Ekonomika Ukrayiny, Finansy Ukrayiny, Ekonomist, Visnyk Natsionalnoho banku Ukrayiny, Rynok tsinnykh paperiv Ukrayiny, Buhgaltersky oblik i audyt, as well as in foreign magazines.

Students studying their disciplines in the Financial Markets Department are actively involved into the scientific research work. Students of the Department can take part in annual students' scientific conferences and Olympics, discussion groups considering and discussing complicated and topical issues of the theory and practice of finance.  They are engaged into research in the course of the preparation of Master theses during the internships.

Last redaction: 26.11.15