Faculty of Finance

Educational Methodology Work

The development of the market-based economy in Ukraine substantially exacerbated the need for the training of qualified specialists in finance. This category of specialists are desperately needed by state authorities of all levels, companies in various lines of business and of various forms of ownership, as well as specialised finance and credit institutions. The education methodology work of the department is focused on developing and improving bachelor, specialist and master curricula in the field of finance; developing the educational and methodological support to disciplines listed in curricula, improving the individual advisory form of study in the field of master training; developing textbooks and manuals in core disciplines; implementing novel educational technologies in the course of the teaching of the department's disciplines (e.g., the preparation of materials for the implementation of remote education technologies at the Public Finance Management master programme, and the utilisation of modern computer-aided technologies in the training process).

The Finance Department of the KNEU is a highly professional team, which not only supports the teaching process and is engaged into the scientific research, but also is a scientific methodology centre in the field of the economics education in Ukraine in the Finance speciality. This Department develops model curricula for this speciality, as well as working curricula for the following financial disciplines: Finance, Budget System, Tax System, Local Finance, Budget Management, Tax Management, Public Debt Management, Macro-financial Budgeting, Fiscal Policy, etc.

Most disciplines taught at the department are supported with handbooks, textbooks and manuals developed by teachers of the Department.

Last redaction: 08.05.23