Faculty of Finance

The finance is the basis of the modern civilised society. The ability to raise financial resources at all levels of the economic management in the required volume and within the required time frame, to properly distribute them, to use them efficiently and economically determines to a large extent the level of the satisfaction of the public needs, the living standards of the people and the prospects of positive trends and directions of the socio-economic development of the state. The availability of knowledgeable and experienced specialists in a country is an important pre-requisite for the successful arrangement of complicated financial and economic relations among economic agents. The Finance Economic Faculty is focused on training such specialists.

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The system of the teaching process is permanently upgraded toward bringing the lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory assignments to realities of the financial and economic life of Ukraine as much as possible. The intensification of the teaching process by means of the proper use of technical facilities, the implementation of business games and case studies in classrooms (especially with the use of PCs) has become an important factor in improving forms and methods of teaching aimed at supporting the gradual migration from the memorisation-based information teaching toward the problem-based study of financial disciplines requiring the perfect command of the economic knowledge. The students can use the University's computer classes equipped with state-of-the-art 5th generation computers, and reading halls. Students are provided with education methodology and monographic literature.

The study of one or two foreign languages is an important component of training of modern specialists. To this end, a Foreign Language Department operates as a part of the Faculty.

Master Training Programmes
Corporate financial managment



This 18-months program enables you to master key techniques and to formulate strategies to respond to complex financial challenges you and your organization face on a daily basis

State Financial Management

The list of diploma papers 2014-2015

The Master's Program "State Financial Management" is one of the best economic programs in Ukrainian universities in the specialty "Finances

Financial Management in Business

The list of diploma papers 2014-2015

Program Supervisor - Professor A.M. Poddjerjohin.
For a long time the Program remains the most popular one on the faculty and the most demanded in practice. The number of graduates of the Program is the largest in the university

Insurance Management

The list of diploma papers 2014-2015
The Master's Program has existed since 2002. It has been mastered by almost 600 students. The Program is universal  in terms of covering business processes and types of insurance with a focus on management activities in insurance organizations, intermediary structures and associations of insurance organizations

Financial Market

The list of diploma papers 2014-2015

This master programme has been in existence since 2008. It covers the development and the implementation of the financing strategy and tactics at the macro and micro levels; the management of issuance activities of economic entities; the management of investment activities of economic entities; the organisation and performance of control in the course of the mobilisation, the allocation and the use of financial resources; the financial planning and forecasting at the macro and micro levels; the regulation of relations among financial market entities

Financial Controlling


Master Program „Financial Controlling“
The Head of Master Program: Prof

Banking Regulation

Supervisor of the Program – Lyudmyla A. Prymostka, Head of Bank Management Departmenr, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored worker of the Kiev National Economic University. Phone: (044) - 371-62-84 e-mail: prim@kneu

Banking Management

the list of diploma papers 2014-2015

Program Supervisor - Anatoly Moroz, Head of the Banking Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine

Investment Project Finance

Supervisor of the Program - Tetiana V. Mayorova , Head of Investment Banking Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor, awarded with “Petrj Mohyla”Mark of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine || Phone: (044) 371-62-65 e-mail: Management of Financial and Economic Security (specialization "analyst on financial and economic security")

Program Supervisor - Professor L.Gnylytska and Associate Professor O.A. Ostrowska

The Master’s Program "Management of financial and economic security" is a new one and established in connection with the emergence of the urgent need to prepare highly qualified specialists in financial and economic security of companies and the state

Finance and Credit

The Finance Economic Faculty trains specialists in Finance and Credit (with the specialisation in Finance) with qualification levels of bachelor and master on the full-time, evening and extramural forms of study.

Finance and Credit