Faculty of Finance

Department of Banking and Insurance

Department of Banking and Insurance trains bachelors and masters in the field 07  "Management and Administrating" in the training line 072 "Finance, Banking, Insurance".  The department train students bachelors and masters in banking business, insuranca and financial business management. Our graduates work for commercial banks, the National Bank of Ukraine and other credit institutions. Graduates working in this area organise banking activities, lending and payment services to support production and investment activities of enterprises and business organisations, and individuals; they perform transactions with securities. The department also trains specialists for insurance and financial companies, credit unions, leasing companies and other companies of the  financial sector.   

The department has bachelors educational and professional programs: " Banking Business", "financial Business Management", "Digital Banking", "Insurance Business". Threr are also 3 masters programs: "Banking Management", "Insurance and Risk Management", "Banking and Insurance Management". 

The department provides educational and professional program "Banking and Insurance Risk Management" at the Institute of Business Education.

The department trains also Philosophy Doctors in Finance, Baning and Insurance.

Department of Banking and Insurance provides a high level of education as all the lecturers have doctorate degrees.