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Project "Advanced Corporate Finance Digitally Delivered to KNEU Master Students"20 July 2023р.

On July 17, 2023, the results of the pilot project of the University of Konstanz (Germany) and KNEU were presented. The project aimed at joint teaching of Advanced Corporate Finance course for students of "Financial Management and Controlling" and"Investment Management" master's programs.

The project was implemented with the assistance of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) under the program "Ukraine digital: Studienerfolg in Krisenzeiten sichern" in the period from October 2022 to March 2023. 24 students participated in the project. Teaching of the joint course was provided by Prof. A. Kind (University of Konstanz) and Prof. O. Tereshchenko (KNEU). Seminar classes and coordination of the project were assigned to associate professor G. Aleksin.

Within this projectstudents attended Advanced Corporate Finance course, which consisted of two modules, each for 5 ECTS:

  • ACF 1. Innovations in Corporate Finance – Prof. Dr. Oleg Tereshchenko;
  • ACF 2. Economic Foundations of Corporate Finance – Prof. Dr. Axel Kind.

Students gained in-depth knowledge of the latest methods of evaluating risks in calculating interest rates, assessing business value, solving the principal-agent problem when making financial and investment decisions, evaluating derivatives, financing policy, paying dividends and corporate governance. In addition to the intensive curriculum, students were also familiarized with German business practices in the field of corporate finance.

According to Prof. Axel Kind and Prof. Oleg Tereshchenko, Ukrainian students demonstrated quite high results, which generally reflects their abilities and motivation. As a result, half of the project participants successfully passed both modules of the course, which is an acceptable result under current studying conditions in Ukraine.

Prof. Axel Kind emphasized the efforts of the project participants and emphasized that the knowledge gained will be useful at the post-war stage of Ukraine's recovery and support for future economic development. Thanks to the project, students acquired new competencies in the field of corporate finance, and the received certificates will be a great addition to their CVs.

In addition, project participants received a financial bonus, which was a significant contribution to the creation of a "financial cushion" for students in wartime conditions.

Such projects are aimed at harmonizing education and training specialists who will be able to implement projects related to Ukraine's integration root to the EU.