Faculty of Finance

Corporate Finance in KNEU: PhD study in English18 June 2021р.

Education abroad widens the mental horizon and adds a glean to one’s personality. This is the main reason why young people from different countries readily opting for higher/postgraduate education in a foreign destination. Henrietta Wolter from Germany began her Ph.D. studies at the Department of Corporate Finance and Controlling at Kyiv National Economic University, in Ukraine.




The research supervisor of the graduate student is Prof. Oleg Tereshchenko. Henrietta graduated from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and decided to obtain a Ph.D. at KNEU. The topic "The Impact of ESG Factors on the Market Value of Companies in the European Emerging Markets" was approved by the department during the scientific discussion. Henrietta's research proposal was also praised by our German colleagues at the Department of Finance and Controlling (Georg-August-Universität).



 The issue of ESG is a controversial case (particularly for emerging markets). However, the substantiation of the topic and structure of the dissertation given by the post-graduate student does not leave any doubts that the research will be successful.