Faculty of Finance

Department of Finance congratulates students of the Finance and Economics Faculty who have successfully completed the course08 February 2016р.

The course “Macrofinancial Analysis” is unique for Ukraine, and this was the first time when students studied it in English.

The Deputy Dean congratulated our students and solemnly handed each of them a certificate of completion.

The course aims the studying the techniques and the methods of qualitative and quantitative assessment of financial processes and phenomena at macrolevel that concern the assessment of effects and efficiency of fiscal policy in Ukraine and European countries, the identification of problems in Ukrainian financial policy and the development of reasonable proposals for their solution. It coverstwo parts: the theoretical framework of macrofinancial analysis and the development of practical analytical skills.

About MFA in English:

Yulia Yehorove , Ukraine

I have chosen MFA in English, because:

1. this lead to better understanding of economic terms in English language

2. all reports of EU countries and others usually in English, so I can use proper information with discovering countries

3. it gives an opportunity to study more deeply this subject, by using international sources like Oxford books.

 While I was studying MFA for last semester I met nothing difficult. The teacher always was helpful and open to an answer all our questions and explain everything one more time if we needed it. Classes have different structure, so we never were bored (presentations of country cases, watching videos, solving mathematical cases, discussions). I hope that in future our University will give an opportunity for our students take more courses in English language, that make us more competitive specialists.

Ibrahim Barikisu, student from Ghana

I chose to study MFA in English because I know English but knowing the English language alone is not enough to understand the science. The most important part is the teacher’s methodology of teaching, the way she delivers lectures and how active she is.

Learning MFA in English has been the best part of my study this semester because the teacher makes sure that all students’ takes part in whatever she’s doing, nobody is left out. The techniques she uses in teaching the science is so perfect even though sometimes students finds it difficult in understanding something but that doesn’t make her angry, she makes sure that all the student understand what she’s teaching before we can move to other things.

MFA is generally a branch of economic theory behind the macroeconomic models of financial market, it main focus is on investigations of process, situations and how they relate to each other. With these, the teacher makes sure that we analyze different countries macro financial indicators to compare them with each other and analyze how they relate with one another and the influence they have on economic growth of the country. Also the teacher always provide all students with teaching and learning materials of the science to updates us on what is happening in the financial market because MFA deals with the analysis of economics theory of the financial market, so she provide us with information on that aspect all the time.

 I suggest that all students should try and join the MFA in English to be able to understand and experience something different. Sometimes is good to learn something different outside the usual. Moreover English language is becoming rampant and popular in Ukraine so student don’t only need to speak it but also to be able to use it correctly at their work places. 

Anna Voider , Ukraine:

I decided to study MFA in English since I always try to use any possibility for improving my English skills. Besides, I was not afraid to learn a financial discipline in the foreign language because maybe my speaking skills are not as good as they should be, I can read and listen with the highest level of understanding.Surprisingly enough, but I liked the tests that were based on our hometask - analytical cases, to be more precise. I believe, students should have such tests on each seminar since they help to understand better on what attention should be paid and they also encourage you to do your homework assignment.I liked one of the main forms of work - country case - since it was useful and rather interesting at the same time and also the fact that we can use it as a framework for the course paper appeals to me. Thanks a lot to you!