Finance and Economic faculty

Educational methodology work

The team of the Banking Management Department organised the teaching process in accordance with curricula. Teachers worked in accordance with individual work plans.

Considerable attention was paid to the improvement of the teaching process. Teachers of the department apply innovative technologies and international experience while presenting the course material. The Study and Practice Bank is actively used in the course of teaching. Training technologies are applied as well. Highly qualified specialists of master level are trained under two curricula: Banking Regulation and Financial Analysis and Engineering. Teachers of the Department took an active part in the implementation of measures aimed at intensifying the standalone work of students and the individual work within the scope of the harmonisation of the course work of students with requirements of the Bologna Process. 

The new education standards require the intensification of teaching processes. Lectures and practical work remained among the leading forms of the teaching activity. However, most lectures are losing their classical form and are being transformed into problem-based lectures discussing the topical issues of the monetary and foreign exchange policy, the topical methodologies of the provision of banking services to customers, the problems of the transformation of the banking sector of Ukraine, the reasons for the banking crisis and the mechanisms of overcoming it, etc. The utilisation of the modern forms of study, such as brainstorming, case studies, work situations, problem and search assignments, and student presentations have become more widespread in the course of the practical work.

Teachers of the department developed training courses in major disciplines, such as the Banking Analysis, Banking Security, Temporary Administration and Liquidation of Banks, and Bank Marketing. The Situational Simulation of Banking Activities is a separate training course in the strategic management of a bank (for 4th year students of speciality 6105). The procedure of the training activities is regularly discussed at meetings of the Department, where the relevant recommendations are adopted. Starting from academic year 2007/2008, the interdisciplinary training courses were implemented under the following master programmes: the course of CAMELS Bank Evaluation under the Banking Regulation Programme and the course of Bank Activities in Open Financial Markets: Analysis and Evaluation under the Financial Analysis and Engineering in Banks.

Active methods of study, such as problem-based lectures, discussion seminars, brainstorming, presentation, case studies, contextual studies and role-playing games are being implemented into the teaching process. A group of specialists with proper theoretical and practical training after the appropriate internship is being set up at the Department. The methodological assistance is provided to teachers, who have implemented or are going to implement training methodologies into the teaching process.

Last redaction: 08.11.17