Finance and Economic faculty

Research activities

The research work of the Banking Management Department is carried out within the scope of the research subject named "Regulatory and supervisory mechanism enhancement under the cyclical economic developement") .  The research activities of the teachers result in: the writing of scientific monographs, the writing of research papers, PhD and ScD theses, and the performance of other research work, such as the participation in the scientific methodology seminar and research paper contests. 

The following is a list of lines of the scientific activity:

  • the banking regulation at the international and national levels;
  • the provision of loans by banks to the economy of Ukraine;
  • the bank financial engineering;
  • foreign exchange transactions and foreign exchange regulation;
  • analytical and accounting support to the bank management process;
  • the banking and business security;
  • marketing research in a bank;
  • the financial management in banks and non-bank credit institutions.
Last redaction: 21.03.18