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The Insurance Department was established as a result of the implementation of a new paradigm of the training of specialists for the insurance sector of Ukraine based on the combination of the modern education technologies with the best traditions of the higher education in economics. To this end, the first master programme in Insurance Management in the Finance speciality was opened at the Department for students of all forms of study.

  • Baranov Andrii Leonidovych
    2005 - graduated from Finance and Economics Faculty of the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadim Hetman. Master honours degree, specialty "Finance and...
    Kryvoshlyk Tetiana Dmytriivna
    She is Deputy Head of the Insurance Department, PhD in Economics, Associate professor Tatyana Krivoshlyk and the experience of scientific and...

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Bachelor-Level Disciplines

The science "Insurance" is mandatory and is aimed at bachelor preparation, specialty 6.030508 "Finance and credit", specialization "Credit", who should know insurance economics to use the knowledge gained in the process of working directly in the insurance sector of the economy.


Insurance services (Department of insurance)
Social insurance

"Social Insurance" is a selective discipline, which is very popular among the students of different specialties.

The discipline "Social Security" is aimed at bachelor preparation, specialty 6.030508 "Finance and Credit" (specialization "Finance"), who need to know the economic nature of social security, rights and responsibilities of social insurance, system of formation and use of compulsory social insurance funds, types of benefits and social services, be able to determine the insurance period, insurance premiums and so on

Finance of Insurance Organizations

"Finance of Insurance Organizations" is a selective and very popular discipline among students.

The discipline "Finance of Insurance Organizations" is aimed at preparing bachelors, specialty 6.030508 "Finance and Credit" (specialization "Finance"), who should know the theory and methodology of financial management of insurance organizations to use this knowledge in the process of working directly in the insurance business or exercise economic, control and other relationships with insurers, which are inherent to relevant actors of the financial system

Risk management in insurance

"Risk management in insurance" is selective and very popular discipline among students.

The discipline "Risk management in insurance" is aimed at preparation of bachelors, specialty 6.030508 "Finance and Credit" (specialization "Finance"), who must know the theory and methodology of risk management for the use of this knowledge in the immediate work in any business or the implementation of economic and other relations of individuals with diverse systems of financial subjects

Social protection of people

"Social protection of people" is a selective discipline aimed at bachelors in specialty 6.030505 "Personnel Management and Labor Economics". The discipline "Social protection of people" is focused on mastering undergraduate programs of modern state system of social protection based on new concepts and programs of the government

Insurance (sample)

The discipline "Insurance" of bachelor's level for students majoring 6503, 6504, 6507, 6509, direction "Economy and business" and specialty 6601, direction "Management and administration" is selective and has a theoretical and applied nature: in theoretical terms it is designed to provide knowledge about the fundamentals of the insurance organization, conditions for the functioning of insurance companies and insurance market, state regulation of insurance; in the application - to form skills for evaluating the solvency of an insurance company; the settlement of premiums and benefits, management decision-making in the exercise of property, liability, life and health insurance

Master-Level Disciplines
Insurance Management

The science "Insurance Management" is normative for the Master's program "Insurance Management" and selective for students of other Master's programs, specialty "Finance and Credit", specialization "Finance".

Science (discipline) "Insurance Management" aims to train masters in specialty 8

Insurance marketing
Accounting and reporting in insurance organizations
Actuarial calculations for insurance
Insurance law
Reinsurance operations management

The science "Reinsurance operations management" is the part of the curriculum for masters program "Insurance Management", specialty "Finance and Credit". Its study is focused on mastering modern methods and forms of reinsurance and developing skills for the organization of reinsurance protection of the insurer

Fundamentals of actuarial
Motor insurance

Regulatory science "Motor insurance" has the theoretical and applied nature. It is aimed at students mastering modern approaches to the implementation of motor insurance risks and aimed at building skills to assess risk, calculating insurance rates, premiums and compensation for losses of the insured and other business processes in motor insurance

Marketing in insurance

Science "Marketing in insurance" is the mandatory part of the curriculum for masters program "Insurance Management", specialty 8.030508 "Finance and credit". Its study is aimed at developing future masters' sufficient knowledge for success in the insurance business.

Actuarial calculations

Science "Actuarial calculations" is a professional discipline in the system of preparation masters according to the program "Insurance Management", aimed at training of masters who must know the modern methods of actuarial mathematics for monitoring and optimizing the risks of insurance company