Finance and Economic faculty

Educational Methodology Work

The team of the Department together with practitioners developed the first fundamental textbook in Insurance in Ukraine. It was endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Science and published three times (in 1996, 2002, and 2006). The textbook is broadly used by economic universities and faculties, as well as by employees of insurance companies. This textbook has been offered for downloading at many web sites.
The Department prepared a textbook in Insurance Services. The training manual in Finance of Insurance Organisations can be deemed to be an exclusive publication. In addition, the Department published manuals for the standalone work of students in disciplines, such as Insurance, Insurance Services, Accounting and Audit in Insurance Organisations. These publications are used by many other higher education establishments.
 The work on the textbook in Insurance Management, the self-study manual in Social Insurance and practical seminars in Insurance and Finance of Insurance Organisations is close to completion.

Last redaction: 18.04.19