Finance and Economic faculty

Research Activities

Professors O.O. Hamankova and S.S. Osadets are members of the Science and Education Commission of the League of Insurance Organisations of Ukraine. Professor Osadets is a member of editorial councils of Visnyk natsionalnoho banku Ukrayiny (published by the NBU), the Strakhovoye delo magazine (Moscow), the scientific bulletin of KhEU Ekonomika i nauka, the collection of scientific papers Finansy, oblik i audyt. Professor O.O. Hamankova and Assistant Professor O.V. Murashko are members of the task force of the State Financial Services Markets Regulation Commission tasked with the development of methodological materials for the migration of insurance organisations to International Financial Reporting Standards. Professor O.O. Hamankova, Assistant Professors O.V. Murashko, A.L. Baranov, O.V. Baranova work for the Financial Innovations Institute established in 2010 under the Finance and Economics Faculty of the KNEU. Professor S.S. Osadets has been a member of the Finance and Banking sub-commission of the Scientific Methodology Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
The Department maintains scientific and pedagogical contacts with the Amsterdam Banking Academy (Professor Paul Klas), London Institute of Chartered Insurers, the Insurance Department of Saint Petersburg University of Economics and Finance, the Insurance Department of the University of Finance under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Insurance Department of Beijing University of Economics and Finance. These contacts have been manifested in the joint organisation of scientific conferences, the exchange of programmes, textbooks, scientific products, the exchange of delegations, and the consultations on the training of human resources for the insurance business.
The department is known well to all insurers and interested higher education establishments of our country. Representatives of the Department (Assistant Professors V.I. Nechyporenko and O.M. Zaletov) take part in preparing and organising the annual Yalta International Financial Forum and Carpathian International Insurance Conference. Materials of these forums are always available to the Department and are used in the research and teaching work. The Department is known well thanks to magazines Strakhova sprava and TOP Insurance published with the KNEU support and edited by Assistant Professor O.M. Zaletov.
There was an article about the department in Ekonomisty Ukrainy scientific magazine (2006); broad information is available on the Ukrainian Who-is-Who portal. search engine displays more than 900 links to our department.

Last redaction: 18.04.19