Факультет фінансів

Corporate finance

Educational and professional program at the first (bachelor) level

"CORPORATE FINANCE (Business Finance)"


Field of knowledge

07 "Management and Administration"


072"Finance, Banking and Insurance"

Program scope 

240 ECTS credits

Duration of the program

4 years 

Form of study 

full-time /part-time/remote

Corporate finance (or business finance) studies financial and investment decision-making processes at the level of both large international corporations and small corporate enterprises, including methods of financial analysis and risk assessment, tools for capital formation and maximization, financial technologies for asset management and investment in capital markets. Corporate finance is focused on financial management of various areas of business (production, consulting, brokerage, trade, banking, insurance, etc.)

Features of educational and professional program

EPP "Corporate Finance" is a unique educational program aimed at training financiers for private businesses, financial institutions, enterprises, and public sector organizations. The program allows ambitious young people to unleash their entrepreneurial potential, get a quality financial education and build a successful career as a first-class financier.

We train future chief financial officers (CFOs), specialists in financial and investment analytics, and consulting for domestic and international business. Students also gain the financial knowledge needed to start a startup and run their own business.

Corporate finance is an applied educational program, for the implementation of which internships are involved, as well as foreign partner universities. In the program, students study certified disciplines (Due Diligence, Financial Modeling in Business, Fintech in Business), which are implemented in conjunction with global consulting companies and representatives of transnational business.

Competitive subjects for admission to the program based on the results of

 Independent external evaluation



Weight coefficient

Ukrainian language and literature




Foreign language or Geography or History of Ukraine or Physics or Biology or Chemistry




The entrant has the opportunity to compete for a budget place. The number of budget places for corporate finance in 2018 - 25; in 2019 - 35; in 2020 - 35; oriented in 2021 - 35. If the points scored in the external evaluation are not enough to enter at the expense of the state budget, the entrant automatically participates in the competition for contract places.

External evaluation score for budget places for the specialization Corporate Finance in 2018 amounted to about 173 points in 2019 - 177 points in 2020 - about 182 points.

In addition, within the framework of filling vacant budget places, different categories of beneficiaries are enrolled in the specialization every year (see the conditions of admission in detail or ask questions through communication channels).

The best students have the opportunity to do internships in several companies in Germany and Poland (in particular, in Ernst & Young, PWC). Students who have fluent English or German may take a free inclusive semester of corporate finance and controlling programs at partner universities - Philipps-University of Marburg, Universität Konstanz, and Georg-August-University of Göttingen (Germany).

The program provides an in-depth study of a professional foreign language, profile disciplines of the program are taught in Ukrainian or English (upon the students' request). Curricula of specialized disciplines are adapted to the standards of foreign partner universities. Students can choose the full English version of the Corporate Finance program. The vast majority of associate professors and professors involved in the program have completed internships at universities in the United States, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as work in business.

Employment and competitive advantages of program graduates

The program focuses on training financial managers for business, financial, credit and investment analysts of the new generation, who have a deep theoretical and applied base in the field of corporate finance and controlling. The structure of the program provides dynamic, systematic and interactive mastery of modern methods: financial and investment decisions; ensuring profitability, liquidity and financial stability of business entities; budgeting of corporations and development of financial model of business; providing the company with capital; business valuation.

Program learning outcomes

Upon completion of the program, graduates will acquire the ability to apply modern methods, techniques and tools of corporate finance management, in particular: to manage the financial activities of the business organization, analyze financial statements, plan to raise and allocate capital; interpret financial indicators, substantiate financial decisions; have information technology in the field of finance, banking and insurance; operate with accounting and financial reporting according to international standards; carry out due diligence in the framework of investment banking, issuing activities of corporations and M&A; design investments in business, evaluate their effectiveness; substantiate optimal decisions on enterprise financing, methods of capital optimization; apply the tools of corporate and financial restructuring of companies. In addition, graduates will gain basic knowledge of financial law, corporate budgeting, banking, financial technology, insurance and investment, financial modeling skills in business, the fundamental laws of microeconomics and macroeconomics.


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